Mediterrano Coolroof System

Monier Mediterrano ® lends a touch of Mediterranean style to your home. Its bold, rolled design refers to the old, rounded tiles founded on the Mediterranean banks. Monier Mediterrano ® has benefitted from our technical centre expertise, enabling the roof system to withstand the extreme weather conditions in tropical countries. With the technology, Monier Mediterrano (R) became one of the most environmentally friendly roof tile available in Malaysia and was awarded the Malaysia Execellence Award.

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Length (L) : 420mm
Horizontal Width (W) : 330mm
Batten Spacing* : 320-345mm
Minimum Headlap : 75mm
Coverage : 9.7pcs/m2 (based on 75mm headlap)
Weight (per piece) : 4.6kg (approximately)
Weight (per m2) : 44.6kg/m2 (approximately)
Minimum Pitch : 17.5°

The maximum rafter length span up to 6 metres
*Batten Spacing has to be calculated based on actual rafter length

Brochure: Click Here