Odour~less AirCare


Absorbs harmful formaldehyde and refreshes the air.

Nippon Odour~less AirCare is one of the most advanced technological innovations to date that can help improve indoor air quality by absorbing formaldehyde, an indoor air pollutant.

This breakthrough product has Anti-Formaldehyde with Active Carbon Technology that will continuously absorb harmful formaldehyde from the air and convert them into water vapour and therefore, create a safer environment for the consumers.

Highlights of this product include:

  • Absorbs formaldehyde and refreshes the air
  • Near zero VOC & odour
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Superior washability and scrub resistance
  • Eggshell finish
Coating SystemPainting System
Primer / Sealer 5500/5400 Wall Sealer 1 coat
Topcoat Odour-less AirCare 2-3 coats

Application: Brush, spray, roller
Thinning: Maximum 5% water
Touch Dry: 20 minutes
Hard Dry: 1 hour
Recoating interval: 2 hours
No. of Coats: 2 coats
Theoretical Coverage: 10-12 m